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We are back open and we have resumed training!  We are taking extra precautions in the store to follow CDC and Divers Alert Network guidelines in regard to store operations and rental equipment.  
The Nitrox course has two components for the course – academic and practicals.


This gives you more advanced knowledge and understanding of Nitrox Diving. E-Learning (online) which consist of approximately 2 hours of material and testing. You can do this at your leisure. We will receive reports on your progress and notification of completion.


We spend about an hour in the shop reviewing what you learned online. We will review the material learned online and show you how to properly analysis tanks.

This CLASS includes:

  • Online Academics
  • Instructor Review


Must be open water certified to complete Nitrox certification. This course can be taken at the same time as the open water-course. You must be in good health and complete an agency required medical form.


Each student is responsible for his own transportation.

Regular Price - $179.00 

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