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Advanced Adventure


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Already Open Water Certified?  This is the next step in your SCUBA Adventure!

This is for a group class taken over a series of weeks. This is a program for those who have the luxury of training over several weeks. Please call the shop at (954) 514-7235 for private or accelerated instruction.

The Open water course has two components for the course – academic and practical.


This gives you more advanced knowledge and understanding of the underwater environment. E-Learning (online) consists of approximately 10 hours of material and testing. You can do this at your leisure. We will receive reports on your progress and notification of completion.


We spend about an hour in the shop reviewing what we learned online. We will review the material learned online and schedule you for your dives


Open water dives (5 of them) – all the skills and knowledge that you learned in academics now be demonstrated in your Open Water dives. Each dive has a prescribed set of skills that you will need to demonstrate to your instructor’s satisfaction. Once you have demonstrated your mastery of these skills you will become an “Advanced Adventure” diver. Ther are several options for this course such as Night, Wreck, Deep, Navigation as well as others.
This offer is for our standard group class, private and other express classes available.

This CLASS includes:
Online Academics
5 Instructor-Guided Dives
1 Boat Ticket
Certification Card

Academics Only - $125

Practical Course Only (SDI Advanced Adventure Academics Required) - $349

Full Package (Practical & Academics) - $399 - Save with Full Package

Pineapple Student Discount 20% Storewide during training


It does not include rental equipment, Full course rental package available for $100. You must be in good health and complete an agency-required medical form. You must also be at least 14 years of age. You must have basic swimming skills.


Each student is responsible for his own transportation to and from the pool, beach, and boats.


The ocean can be unpredictable. Plan some extra time into your schedule in case of unsafe water conditions.

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